Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning

In the field of air conditioning we are authorized distributors of DAIKIN, a company with more than 90 years of history and the #1 sales worldwide.

Control and Automation

Control and Automation

Electronic automation and process control equipment for the oil, petrochemical, mining, and cement industries, among others.



Materials and mechanical equipment for the oil, petrochemical, mining, and cement industries, among others.



Preventive, Predictive, and Corrective maintanance of Air Conditioners, boilers, and industrial heaters.

✓ Preventive maintenance

✓ Corrective maintenance

✓ Diagnostic

✓ Industrial / Commercial Installation

✓ Urban Installation

✓ Sale of refrigeration equipment and components.

✓ Ventilation systems remodelation.

✓ Urban Installation

✓ Solenoid valves

✓ Flow control valves

✓ Sensors for object detection

✓ Distance meters

✓ Level and pressure gauges

✓ Identification systems

✓ Pressure controllers

✓ Speed meters

✓ Temperature / flow meters

✓ Process controllers

✓ Level controllers

✓ Pneumatic actuators

✓ Switches

✓ Positioners

✓ Safety scanners

✓ Portable flow meters

✓ PLC's

✓ Servomotors

✓ Pipe

✓ Valves

✓ Flanges

✓ Weldable / pressure connections

✓ Screws

✓ Spacers

✓ Filters

✓ Hot tapping accessories

✓ Sheets

✓ Profiles

✓ Angles

✓ Industrial hoses

✓ Pumps

✓ Basic Product

✓ Conveyor belts and accessories

✓ Pipe cleaning equipment

✓ Hoisting ropes

✓ And more

✓ Electrical materials and equipment for low, medium, and high voltage.

✓ Electrical wires and conductors.

✓ Transformer Equipment

✓ Motors, fans, and pumps.

✓ Luminaires, lamps, bulbs.

✓ Structured wiring for voice and data, raceways.

✓ Materials for electrical windings and insulation.

✓ Batteries and accumulators

✓ Electrical explosion proof materials

✓ Piping and electrical connections

✓ Electrical, hydraulic, and manual tools and equipment.

✓ Electronic and electrical protection

✓ Electrical substations

✓ Industrial safety products

✓ Industrial installations

✓ Electrical materials and equipment in general and accessories.

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