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We provide advanced air quality solutions for everyone.

Our awareness of the indoor air environment is increasing and our needs are diversifying, our lives and behaviors have completely changed.

The need for purified air is greater than ever, the ventilation system that expels polluted air from indoor spaces is attracting attention and filtration methods are in continuous demand.

Our technology creates pure air for you to enjoy every breath.

DAIKIN Streamer technology purifies the air by attacking viruses, molds, bacteria, allergens and other hazardous substances. It breaks down surface proteins, rendering them harmless. Our innovative filtration system effectively captures harmful fine particles. Together with our Daikin Streamer technology and our innovative filter it will create pure air.

Air purification

1. The "Streamer" technology strongly breaks down harmful substances.
2. The indoor space is cleaned with an air purifier equipped with Streamer technology.


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